Do you have a question that you just cannot seem to get a good answer by Googling it? Is it about the Web (Web 1.0, Social Web (Web 2.0), Mobile Web, Local Web), digital communications, electronics, Web programming and development? Or, are you interested in learning how to use a particular Social, mobile device (iPhone, iPad, Android or Kindle), or other technology tool? Then, you’ve come to the right place!

W3 Consulting’s Training division can walk you through basic Web browsing to understanding the complexities of Twitter, LinkedIn Company profiles and Facebook Pages administration. We provide training sessions via Skype (Skype accounts/software are free and available in Windows/Mac OS  versions). This allows us to talk, see each other and share computer screens all at the same time, so that you can sit comfortably at your computer and learn with a W3 Consulting Training Specialist.

Select how many hours you need or a package that works for you and click “Buy now” to start the payment and scheduling process.

Hourly + Packages

Please note that when you get to the payment page, you can pay via PayPal® account, BillMeLater®, major debit or credit cards (VISA/MC/DISCOVER/AMEX – just click on the “Don’t have a PayPal account?” link to open the debit/credit card option.

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