Consultation / Strategy Sessions

Do you need to know how to develop or implement a Web, Mobile and Social Media marketing strategy? How does Facebook work into your business & marketing plan? How can you launch and manage a blog for better Web traffic? Should I jump into Instagram, Snapchat, Google+, LinkedIn, Twitter, or Pinterest? Are you thinking of hiring a SEO firm? All of these questions and more will be discussed and answered to reach the best, strategic marketing solution for your business.







  1. Complete Step 1, our Initial Consultation Questionnaire.
  2. Complete Step 2, available after completing Step 1 and register for a Consultation Meeting*.
    (*Note: Pick 2 dates and their times on the registration calendar. Scheduled Consultation date(s) MUST be at least 1 WEEK from the date of registration.)
  3. After review of your Consultation Questionnaire we may return to you a possible checklist of additional questions and / or items personally geared towards you and your business. This allows for the Consultation Meeting to be the most productive and efficient as possible.
  4. On return** of requested information (from bullet point #2, above) our dedicated staff will begin any needed research required for your particular business / industry and assess any information that may be specific to you or your company.
    (**Note: Consultation research is not possible to begin until information that W3 Consuting has requested, is received. If information is not received in a timely manner, W3 Consuting reserves the right to re-schedule any Consultation Meeting(s) that have already been registered.)
  5. Finally, we will meet with you via Skype, to discuss your personalized business goals and strategy!


  1. Approximately an hour of in-depth research and analysis of your business data and Web traffic (as provided by you or found on the Web) before the Strategy Session.
  2. A 45 minute consultation / Strategy Session with our founder and Web & Digital Strategist, Ray Sidney-Smith, via Skype. This allows us to audio-record the Consultation Meeting, which can be downloaded and listened for review at a later time.
  3. An audio recording of (or, if recording is not possible, a Report of Recommendations is also provided based on) the Strategy Session meeting, along with any subsequent thoughts or follow-up items discussed from the Strategy Session.


Head over to the Web Marketing Consultation Questionnaire and complete/submit the form! Once completed, click the “Buy Now” button below to handle payment and schedule the strategy session. Here’s to your Web presence marketing success!


"I was fortunate enough to be trained by Ray on how to market my financial strategies and my women’s Miche Bag business on Twitter. He is so very knowledgeable and adept at both using and training for the use of this IT application. He followed up with a downloadable recording of the training session. Much Appreciated. BG"

Apr 23, 2012
~B. Greenwald
"I highly recommend Ray and W3 Consulting for any new business seeking expert guidance on growing a web presence. His advice will help me reach the right clients to grow my management consulting practice. Thanks Ray!"

Apr 20, 2012
~S. Tacktill
"I have observed Ray Sidney Smith meet with dozens of our clients to assist them in using social media tools to enhance their businesses. He quickly grasps the "essence" of each client’s business and helps them find the marketing tool or tools to take them to the next level. Ray is totally familiar with all of the technical tools and jargon, and can "techno-speak" with those in the industry, but is also quite adept at explaining the processes and tools to those of us who do not speak the language of current technology. Client feedback has been extremely positive."

Nov 04, 2011
~Gloria Flanagan, Assistant Director, Alexandria Small Business Development Center
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