Find the original archive of the video here: Facebooks Shops Arrives for Facebooks Pages and Instagram – Web and Beyond Live – May 26, 2020.

COVID-19 Business Recovery update: From everything Ray is hearing, we are in for a “second wave” in the late summer/fall regarding coronavirus infections, so it’s best to start planning your marketing and business continuity for a U-shaped (slow upward) or W-shaped (downturn-upturn-then-another-downturn-before-slow-upward) economic recovery (not the V-shaped recovery many were predicting early on).

Facebook Shops has launched (eCommerce on Facebook Pages and Instagram profiles): There’s much to learn, but this is a welcome option for small businesses in need a quick solution during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Two resources:
– Patra Frame, Small Business HR expert from Strategies for Human Resources (, has assembled this employer framework to use when considering getting your employees back to a physical office working mode: It’s well-worth reviewing if you have employees, so you can consider factors to make it safe and efficient to get back to work.
– A trusted colleague, Jon DeNunzio of Squarely Digital ( is hosting and facilitating a few live, virtual masterclasses starting soon: It’s well worth checking out if you need some help creating content for your marketing funnel.

Each week, President of W3 Consulting and Managing Director of W3C Web Services ( Ray Sidney-Smith broadcasts live to update you on the latest small business digital marketing, productivity and security technology updates you need to be effective.

Come with your Small Business digital marketing and related questions!

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Facebooks Shops Arrives for Facebooks Pages and Instagram – Web and Beyond Live – May 26, 2020
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