Each month, Web and Beyond Community gathers for a discussion about a specific topic that is useful to Small Business owners. Join us for conversation to share and learn, and for some networking too!

Small Business Virtual Roundtable

Web and Beyond Community’s Small Business Virtual Roundtable is an opportunity to bring together business owners in real-time conversation to address topics pertinent to marketing and managing in the Digital Age. Each month, we have a chance to network and to cover a different business topic (that sometimes bring in subject matter experts to co-facilitate the topic and answer questions).

For our debut Small Business Virtual Roundtable, on September 1, 2020, we will discuss:

Creating Digital Marketing Alliances

In the Age of COVID-19, almost everyone and every business need to do more with less. As a small business owner, you know that now is the time to invest in promoting and/or pivoting your business. One way that you can possibly do both is by creating a digital marketing alliance.

A digital marketing alliance is establishing a business marketing (pricing, products, places (websites/social networks/etc.), and promotions) relationship with other businesses that serve the same audience. For every ad dollar you spend, for example, you can spend a fraction of the cost purely by coordinating with your digital marketing alliance; if you have four people paying for ads together, each ad costs you only 25%!

So, come to the Small Business Virtual Roundtable with your questions, research, observations, and more.