About Ray Sidney-Smith
Speaker, Author, Digital Marketing Strategist and Digital Productivity Consultant

Ray Sidney-Smith, CEO
W3 Consulting

Ray Sidney-Smith is a perennial Small Business evangelist, working tirelessly to help small businesses launch, grow, and succeed in the marketplace each and every day.

Ray Sidney-Smith is the CEO of W3 Consulting, Inc., a technology, marketing and productivity training practice dedicated to helping Small Businesses market and manage on the Web, Mobile, Social Media and beyond. Ray is the Managing Director of W3C Web Services, a subsidiary of W3 Consulting, which provides Managed WordPress website hosting, domain name registration services, SSL certificates and more related Web services, digital marketing (including Social Media) content production and support for Small Business.

W3 Consulting has offices in Arlington, VA (outside Washington, DC), Pittsburgh, PA, and New York, NY.

As a Digital Marketing Strategist, Google Small Business Advisor for Productivity, Evernote Certified Consultant and Evernote Regional Leader for North America, and Hootsuite Global Brand Ambassador, Ray is hired or invited by economic development authorities, chambers of commerce, small business development centers, convention and visitors associations, and small business advocacy & support organizations to speak to SMB audiences and conduct strategy sessions with small business owners on a small business management, productivity technology, and digital marketing topics.

Ray is the author of SoLoMo Success: Social Media, Local and Mobile Marketing Small Business Strategy Explained (available through Amazon in Kindle and paperback).

His work has focused over the past 21 years in the Small Business start-up, management and marketing fields. As a serial entrepreneur bootstrapping his own business, legal and real estate ventures, he has owned several businesses, most notably a real estate title, escrow, and settlement agency (and its subsidiary, a qualified intermediary (i.e., IRS Sec. 1031 / tax-deferred exchange) agency) across three states for a decade.

In his spare time, Ray has been organizing the two largest productivity MeetupTM groups in the United States (in DC and NYC) based on Getting Things Done by David Allen over the past decade. Ray uses his education and passion for psychology, cognitive neuroscience, and time, task, team, project, energy and performance management, in helping professionals with the personal productivity methodology and supporting them at different stages of productivity systems development. He hosts and facilitates the personal productivity podcasts, ProductivityCastProductivity Book Group, Getting More Done With Evernote, and ProdPod, the podcast of productivity lessons in two minutes or less (now with over 4 million listens globally).

You can connect with Ray here, via his personal website, and his productivity content.

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