For every new client that’s currently been in business for more than one year, W3 Consulting does an in-depth review of our clients, their clients, suppliers, vendors and employees, as well as a thorough review of what we find about the company on the Web, Social Web and Mobile Web. This takes anywhere from 2-5 hours of meeting with the business owner(s), management, staff, current and former clients, suppliers, vendors and others as deemed necessary, and a few more hours of Web-related research.


W3 Consulting prepares a thorough report of findings along with recommendations on practical approaches to growing and managing their business. Of course, we concentrate on Web technologies but we’ll also point out issues in other areas of your business that we think there is opportunity or potential for growth. We then schedule a 1.5-hour discussion with the key decisionmakers in your small business to review our findings, recommendations and answer any questions.
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