W3 Consulting welcomes you to our Web and Beyond blog. Our  mission in publishing this blog primarily is simple…every small business and small nonprofit organization, in order to compete in today’s ever-changing marketplace, must engage in social media and social networking (“Web 2.0” or the “Social Web” as it’s become known). And the easiest and most effective means of getting your message onto the Social Web is through the effective use of blogging technology. So, you should start a blog…today. No, seriously!

And, in keeping with our mission, as a small business, we’ve started this blog!

What will you find on our Web and Beyond blog?

W3 Consulting (@w3consulting) will be enlisting the genius of our internal and external talents, headed by our main blogger extraordinaire, Ray S idney-S mith (@rsidneysmith), president and founder of W3 Consulting, as well as our dedicated staff, vendors, colleagues and clients who are using all forms of Web and digital technologies for their small business or small nonprofit, charitable or community-based organization. We’ll be providing regular text-based postings with embedded charts/graphs/images, but we’ll certainly try to spice things up with some audio and video posts at times. We’ll be targeting content that focuses on Web and digital technologies and their relationship to using them on a practical level, because, after all, small businesses and small nonprofits really need to be judicious with their two most precious assets, time/energy and money. We understand that and want to commute the best content to help you be successful in the use of Web and digital technologies. We’ll also be keeping in mind skills, tools and strategies for success on the Web and beyond. We hope you enjoy your time here at the Web and Beyond blog, and as always please feel free to contact us if you have any questions or concerns.

Have a burning question? Ask W3 Consulting.

Do you have a question that you just cannot seem to get a good answer to by Googling it? Is it about the Web (Web 1.0, Social Web (Web 2.0), Mobile Web, Local Web), digital communications, electronics, Web programming and development? Then, you’ve come to the right place! Contact us with your detailed question and if we select your question as a post in our Web and Beyond: Q&A of the Month topic, we’ll give you a free W3C Web Presence Assessment (a 625$ value!) AND a copy of our upcoming book (details to be leaked to the nearest media outlets soon!).

So, what can W3 Consulting do for me?

W3 Workshops provides in-house, one-on-one, group and public seminars, training workshops and Webinars to small businesses and nonprofit, charitable and community-based organizations currently on the topics of:

  • Web 2.0: Social Media and Social Networking for Business
  • Business Case for Twitter
  • LinkedIn for Business Professionals
  • Facebook for Business
  • MySpace for Business
  • Blogging, Vlogging & Podcasting
  • Managing the Social Web and Your Time

W3 Consulting provides practical consulting services at every level of a company’s Web Presence management for the effective selection, implementation, use/training and maintenance of Web technologies. How do you need help understanding, assessing, planning, implementing and maintaining your company/organization’s Web Presence? Don’t know, need some help or need to empower your staff, vendors, business partners and colleagues to assist? Then contact W3 Consulting today!

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