Ray is excited to publish his last few years’ worth of writing in the form of several books, guides and other materials that he believes will help Small Business with their Web presence strategy and implementation.

SoLoMo Success

Ray’s first eBook, SoLoMo Success: Social Media, Local and Mobile Small Business Marketing Explained, is available (on Amazon/Kindle and Barnes & Noble/Nook), and a paperback edition. For the Small Business owner trying to succeed in the world of Social Media, Local Web and Mobile marketing, ​Digital Business Strategist ​Ray​ Sidney-Smith​ provides a practical guide to​ understanding digital marketing today and strategies to​ pave the path to​ward​ SoLoMo Success!

Social Media is on the tips of ​business owners’ tongues these days when it comes to discussions about marketing. But, Social Media is not just about marketing, and how do you convert social​ media content​ to sales? For many ​established and ​startup businesses, Social Media is a mystery even after they have mastered the technical components of Facebook, ​Instagram, ​Twitter, ​and ​LinkedIn, among many others. Ray thinks people have the wrong paradigm when it comes to Social Media. Small Business owners are ​aiming at their target audience​s​ from only one angle. This is where Social Media community engagement, local search optimization​,​ and mobile marketing come into play!

Through concise chapters, SoLoMo Success takes Small Business entrepreneurs from ​little or ​no Web marketing experience to launching a locally-optimized website, interacting successfully on Social Media, and developing a think mobile first strategy for profitably impacting the bottom line. ​He even takes you on a little futuristic journey of what’s to come in the world of Small Business marketing technology.

If you want to target your customers where and when they want or need your product or service, look no further than SoLoMo Success.

Podcasting for Small Business BookRay’s next book, Podcasting for Small Business, is coming out on June 11, 2019, in collaboration Steve Orr, award-winning, veteran broad journalist and executive communications coach. In Podcasting for Small Business, Ray and Steve present a compelling argument for why Small Business owners should consider podcasting as their primary marketing platform/channel and a comprehensive guide on how to start and manage sustainably and effectively a business podcast.

Operating on Open SourceRay is also working on Operating on Open Source: The Small Business Guide to Running on Entirely Free Software, a practical overview of the freely available Free/Libre and Open Source (FLOSS) software for servers, computers, websites and mobile devices that can power your business! The average Small Business spends about $5,000-15,000 in startup costs just in software alone; why not make it software you can truly customize for your business’ needs? And, Ray Sidney-Smith will show you how. This book is set to come out in 2019, to coincide with Software Freedom Day, an activity-based holiday to spread the message that Free/Libre and Open Source Software (FLOSS) is alive and well. Small Business should take advantage of this amazing opportunity to use FLOSS!

Google Your Small BusinessFinally, what if your entire Small Business could be managed and marketed from a single login securely managed by you or your staff from anywhere? Ray Sidney-Smith is here to tell you it can be. And, Google is the company to help. “But, Google is just a search engine, isn’t it?” you ask. Actually, they’re so much more! Ray is working to complete his long-term book project with a traditional publisher to bring you his highly-popular “Google Your Small Business” workshop seminars to you in written and audiobook formats! Google, Inc., has built or purchased over 500+ products and services, most of which are completely free to use or very low-cost that most Small Business owners can easily afford. In his fourth book, Google Your Small Business, Ray Sidney-Smith shows you how to strategically and practically leverage these Google technologies. Look out for this in late 2019.

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