• RT @loudounsbdc: Check out Blog to Benefit Your Small Business- 6/21 with @hannahhager @chappleflowers @NCCmeet and @rsidneysmith – RJ #
  • It’s a small world for one Richmond Business – http://ow.ly/5gAmB // Are payroll services going local? #
  • Reduce your #humanresources issues as by going with a #PEO – http://w.w3cinc.com/lxqHWm #
  • RT @gotomeeting: Why small (business) is awesome – http://cot.ag/mGtBnH Webinar 6/15 with @emiramears @laurenbacon & @alexthegirl  #
  • Look ma, no IT department! – http://ow.ly/5gEGe #cloud #IaaS #
  • RT @rsidneysmith: #Entrepreneurs @Intuit has >$1M in grants 4 @ "Love A Local Business!" Nominate ur biz: w.w3cinc.com/lEk7da #
  • RT @newyorknetwork: Free Training Brooklyn – Small Business Legal Clinic 06/14/11 – Brooklyn SBDC – http://t.co/dsuVRlH #
  • RT @Awl: "Groupon is Essentially Holding a Portfolio of Loans Backed by the Receivables of Small Business – http://ow.ly/5gIkl #
  • RT @SBStartup:@caroljsroth taking a quick review of the room because we're the customers of this panel & they want to serve us well #OPENNYT #
  • RT @openforum: David Rose: "Bet on the jockey, not the horse". You need to have the right leader to take you where you want to be. #OPENNYT #
  • RT @openforum: 1st round funding for ur startup: raise money from people you know! #OPENNYT Did that work 4 ur #
  • Further, all relationships should enhance your offline life. RT @sbstartup: @jessicaherrin: Even offline rel's may start online. #OPENNYT #
  • RT @Ventureneer: @jimschachter summed up NYT smbiz , entrepreneurs hungry for knowledge, short on time, want knowledge networks, #opennyt #
  • RT @ventureneer: Yes to Carrots at #OPENNYT competes against the big boys with lots of $. Social media leveled the field #
  • RT @sbstartup: @redmangoceo: It's easier for an #entrepreneur to be authentic than for a big corp when using social media #OPENNYT #
  • Watch related biz then try. RT @sbstartup: @JessicaHerrin: #dailydeal efficacy depends on type/biz. Try it, maybe on a small level. #OPENNYT #
  • Yes! See: w.w3cinc.com/mJpfFs RT @lordylordy: @jessicaherrin says its dangerous 2 get new customers only w discounts. … #opennyt #
  • RT @openforum: PATS: Passion, Ask, Traction, Sense. The acronym to a great elevator pitch! #OPENNYT #
  • No, but they all sell value as part/offer. RT @openforum: RT @howardgr: Are @Yelp @Threadless @Milo both products&services? #openNYT #
  • RT @sbstartup: @redmangoceo: We have some customers who want us to use artificial sweetener to lower calories, but we won't do that #OPENNYT #
  • RT @sbstartup: Next up is the final speaker of the day: @naveen, co-founder of @foursquare #OPENNYT #
  • RT @hiscoxsmallbiz: Good read- 25 ways to finance a http://ht.ly/5gqM3. @MarcoCarbajo #
  • RT @ramonray: Leverage @foursquare to know insight about your customers locations and more #opennyt #
  • RT @lordylordy: @naveen also said the @foursquare team is starting to experiment with NFC. #opennyt #
  • RT @sbstartup: @naveen: A lot of people check-in only for their own purposes as a private journal, but don't share that info #OPENNYT #
  • RT @kikscore: New Post: College & Small Business: My Lessons Learned That May Help Entrepreneurs http://bit.ly/m1HAtl ~@bellmit cc@shashib #
  • Getting Things Done NYC 1st Meetup 6/29@730pm http://meetu.ps/1DqyS #free #events #GTD #NYC Join us! Please RT! via@gtdnyc #
  • RT @ekaterina: RT @unmarketing: The best source of new customers are ecstatic current customers. Stop ignoring one in pursuit of the other. #
  • So true! RT @incmagazine: Studies show that an employee has to hear something 7 times b4 they believe it @patricklencioni #incleadership #
  • Does he explain how? RT @incmagazine: 3. A healthy organization over-communicates clarity @patricklencioni #incleadership #
  • RT @incmagazine: We hire for disposition and train for skill says CEO Larry Rosenstock of @HighTechHigh #IncLeadership #
  • RT @rsidneysmith: New day. Onward to helping manage and grow their businesses on the Web! 😀 #
  • New comment on the W3C Web and Beyond blog post: Effective Social Couponing – http://bit.ly/iVxvVQ @citypockets #
  • A cheat sheet to turn your vision for a successful new business into a reality http://ow.ly/5knf5 #
  • RT @rsidneysmith: Finishing slides 4 @loudounsbdc "Blogging4 SmallBiz" (Tues) & @alexvasbdc "Google to Great" (wed)…all new designs! #
Twitter Weekly Updates for 2011-06-20
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