QR Code Marketing for Small Business: How It Works and What a Successful Strategy Looks Like

QR codes are all the rage in the mobile marketing world! And, while we think they’re a great complement to any Small Business marketing strategy, most business owners don’t know what QR codes are, how they can and should be incorporated into your mobile marketing strategy. QR Code Marketing for Small Business is not a how-to Webinar about designing QR codes (as W3 Consulting already hosted one  and discussed in this blog post), but the strategy and tactics your business needs to make money from these black-and-white 2D barcodes! Service-based and product/retail businesses alike can really benefit from QR codes, so don’t think your business can’t benefit.

Join Ray Sidney-Smith, Digital Business Strategist and President of W3 Consulting, as he details what QR codes are, and how to include them in your marketing plan for greatest impact!

What is discussed:
*the basics of QR codes
*marketing strategies for product- and service-based businesses
*the marketing tactics that bring business to your business from QR codes

Who should watch:
*Small business owners, professionals, solopreneurs, micropreneurs and entrepreneurs
*Office managers
*Marketing Directors and Sales Executives
*Executive assistants, administrative assistants and secretaries

QR Code Marketing for Small Business [webinar]

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