Social Media Time Management for the Busy Entrepreneur [webinar] from Ray Sidney-Smith.

Social Media is here to stay, and it’s a powerful Small Business marketing medium. However, there are so many hours in the workday and Social Media can be overwhelming. Are you buried in blog posts and Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and Twitter posts? Are you fearful of doing Social Media because you think you do not have time? Well, you don’t have to be. In this Webinar, Ray Sidney-Smith of W3 Consulting, a Web & Mobile strategy and training consultancy for Small Business, provides a practical, reasonable approach to Social Media strategy so that business owners can get social and still get the work done!

What we will discuss:
*How do you determine the best Social Media strategy for your business so you can reduce unnecessary activities?
*What methods and skills are available and needed to handle your Social Media without spending countless hours online?
*What are the best Small Business tools to help you manage your Social Media effectively?

Social Media Time Management for the Busy Entrepreneur [webinar]

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