Google PLUS Your Small Business [webinar] from Ray Sidney-Smith on Vimeo.

Google+, the Internet giant’s latest foray into social media, makes connecting on the Web more like connecting in the real world. Share your thoughts, links and photos/videos with the right circles. Use easy, spontaneous video chat to strike up conversations with as many as nine people at once. Get everyone on the same page with fast, simple group chat. Google+ at this time is quite similar to Facebook as there is a Home feed, “+1” instead of “Like,” comments, events, and other activities. But that’s only the surface. Google has launched more features for their Google+ platform that really makes this a dynamic business marketing and operations tool every Small Business should try. And, make no question of the fact that Google is determined to make sure that when Facebook wanes in popularity (and it will), they are there to meet consumers social, mobile and local Web needs. Your business needs to be there to catch the wave.

What we discuss:
*Overview of the Google+ social network’s major features for Small Business
*How to engage your target audience effectively on Google+
*How to set up a Google+ page for your Small Business (or product/service/brand), and set up managers.

Google PLUS Your Small Business [webinar]

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