Happy World Backup Day, Small Business! Are you saving your business (data)? Our company experienced our own unfortunate circumstance with a fire that affected our entire office building. I had a business continuity plan for a wide variety of possible scenarios and my business  was minimally impacted by the fire. If W3 Consulting didn’t have a handle on how to respond in such a crisis this might have been a business-ending scenario. Don’t let these kinds of catastrophe affect your bottom line and your life’s work. Of course, the primary strategy against catastrophe is a multi-pronged cybersecurity approach, but having backups of your business data is a great, starting tactic.

I have written and spoken about backing up your systems often enough, so below are various resources where I’ve talked about the importance and techniques for backing up your business data (especially the data that contains your clients’ information).

This is a recent episode of PowerTV Australia’s Switch On IT show, where we talk about cybersecurity practices, but at 32 minutes, 48 seconds you can start the video and see what I have to say about backing up your business data.

For Safer Internet Day, I wrote an article outlining that multi-pronged cybersecurity approach and in the last section, I discuss backups and refer you to resources for getting your backup game solid.

How to Make Your Digital Business Life Safer Today on Safer Internet Day

Finally, I spent an entire hour detailing a backup strategy and the underlying techniques for Google and Beyond Webinar series I present for the Virginia SBDC Network.

I know sincerely that backing up systems can seem like an extraneous cost, a mundane and sometimes tedious process. But, would you rather have to send an email to your clients saying that their personal information is now lost? That you’ll need to shut down your business? Or, that your information has been seized by hackers and who knows what they intend to do with your business and personal information? I implore that you give backing up its rightful place among your business priorities, so you can get back to running a successful Small Business.

Save Your Business for World Backup Day

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