In this episode (3) of “Switched on IT,” the PowerTV Australia show that I co-host with Doug Endersbee of OZ Hosting, we cover some of the high-level areas that you need to understand about Search Engine Optimization for Small Business.

We talk about the importance of how to approach Search Engine Optimization for Small Business, and where you might find pitfalls and challenges in getting your business website ranked well on Google and the other Search Engines. Also, take note that each major social network (Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and so on) are their own search engine, that requires its own SEO (Search Engine Optimization) strategy. Even more complicating, Google is many search engines mixed together (Google, Google Maps, YouTube, Google Play, and more) and that needs its own attention as the driver of most website traffic in the world. If you’re in retail products, you need to be concerned about SEO on Amazon and Google Shopping and other online marketplaces so that even if you don’t sell on those platforms, you’re optimizing to properly combat their larger-than-life market share of website traffic.

If you’d like to dive in a little deeper, I did a Webinar entitled Search Engine Optimization for Local Small Business, specifically for getting found on Google as a local business.

Altogether, check out these handy Small Business SEO checklists from around the Web, that will be helpful to you to assembling one that works for your industry and business:

Why so many checklists? Each one of these checklists is written and visually laid out differently, with comments providing updates to new strategies and from different perspectives that you don’t get from any single article. By surveying the whole lot, you’ll be able to blend together a better strategy.

If you hit a hurdle in your SEO, Social Media or Web marketing strategy altogether, please feel free to reach out to W3 Consulting for a consulting session to help you get it all sorted out. Here’s to your SoLoMo Success!

Search Engine Optimization for Small Business

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