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Google Workspace for Small Business

Google has revamped G Suite’s best attributes and applications into what is now known as Google Workspace. For Small Business owners, this means a positive shift in how to be more productivity working on and in the business!

In this Web and Beyond Webinar, Google Small Business for Productivity Ray Sidney-Smith walks you through:
– Google Workspace features (compared to G Suite formerly),
– Google Workspace plans, what’s included, and the plans’ differences,
– Where to go to set up your Google Workspace account, and
– How to navigate the main areas of Google Workspace Admin Console.

This Webinar, as part of W3C Web Services’s Web and Beyond Webinars series, was presented by Digital Marketing Strategist Ray Sidney-Smith, Google Small Business Advisor for Productivity, Evernote Regional Leader for North America, author of “SoLoMo Success: Social Media, Local and Web Small Business Marketing Strategy Explained” (2014), and Community Host of Web and Beyond Community, a digital community of business owners learning and sharing how to market and managed on the Web and beyond.

Google Workspace for Small Business

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