Creating Infographics Easily With Marketing Impact

If your Small Business wants to stand out in Social Media and beyond, infographics (or, information graphics) is the way you can make your content (subject matter expertise or thought leadership) do just that!

Infographics are everywhere these days. Postings arrive in our email inboxes to Facebook and Twitter feeds daily. So, why do we (as consumers) love the infographic? Well, most of that can be explained by brain science and the fact that we are all visual learners, taking in about 80% of our information by our senses of sight. Pair the visuals with great informationabout your business and you have an amazing way to draw people to your website. And, this means that you (as a marketer) should be using this marketing tour de force in your business.

What we discuss in this Webinar:

*marketing strategies for utilizing the infographic in product- and service-based businesses
*the data you should collect and include in your infographic
*how to create an infographic simply using tools any small business has access to on the Web

In this Web-based seminar, Ray Sidney-Smith, Digital Strategist at W3 Consulting, walks you step-by-step through creating stellar infographics easily, effectively and efficiently for your company.


NOTES (URLs and other information shared during the Webinar): domains, WordPress and website hosting, email hosting, and more.

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