• RT @HarvardBiz: How Women Can Flourish in the Workplace http://t.co/Okl4t63 #
  • RT @fastcompany Shd @foursquare worry re @GetGlue @gomiso @Life360 @RunKeeper? http://t.co/aMGhRdp // No, see @gowalla at #tcdisrupt #
  • RT @holler: Free Holler t-shirts at #tcdisrupt startup alley. Come meet us! #tcdisrupt #
  • RT @wavespotWiFi: #TCDisrupt Wavespot is giving away free Facebook enabled WiFi Router at Techcrunch Disrupt. http://t.co/E7QGF79 #tcdisrupt #
  • I once read about long-term investing in only brands you love; same goes for tech innovation in areas u r personally passionate. #tcdisrupt #
  • Pretty impressive tool! // Pressly Turns Websites Into Tablet-Friendly HTML5 Web Apps | TechCrunch http://ow.ly/6t6Sf #tcdisrupt #
  • RT @citizenspace: 1.6 million sq feet rented this year in sf by tech companies, with 28k employees on the payrolls #tcdisrupt #
  • RT @ConferenceBites: “Startups that will reduce data to high relevance to me–data reduction–is a hot area.” @vkhosla #tcdisrupt #
  • Data reduction, education, health, democratising publishing, emotion are great areas to invest in… via @zenhl #tcdisrupt #
  • This should be interesting content out of @turntablefm up on stage at #tcdisrupt #
  • RT @harvardbiz: Today is the publication date for Higher Ambition. Download a free chapter and hear from today's well-known CEOs:… #
  • Have a #socialmedia, #technology or #management question? DM or email and we'll post an answer! #
  • RT @rsidneysmith: Do you have a #productivity or #gtd question for me to answer on #prodpod DM or email me! #
  • RT @richyueh: I love when #tcdisrupt rolls around. So many great ideas and cool products. Devs, please don't forget about Android users. #
  • Who's joining us for GTD DC next week? #productivity http://ow.ly/6uAmF #
  • +1 RT @ambassadorbruny: Think about networking as if all the ppl u know represent a physical "net.” They hv 2 b put 2 "work." #smallbizchat #
  • A3 comment: I find that using Social Media during conferences (rather, events generally) has been the most effective use. #smallbizchat #
  • A4: I look 4 diff content & outlines prior 2 conf's (eg, speaker's prior SlideShare files); I focus on new stuff in conf #smallbizchat #
  • #smallbizchat A3: For meeting organizers and speakers, always publish THE hashtag for the event so everyone is in the SAME conversation! 🙂 #
  • A6: Ask them what they've been reading prior to the conference. I know that I read a lot and use that material in my prez's.>> #smallbizchat #
  • A6 >> If attendees pick up on what I've just read, it'll add to the presentation and my connection with that attendee. #smallbizchat #
  • Pls remember that a @slideshare prez is not the same PPT file you'll use live. <cringes> #smallbizchat cc @gogirlfinance #
  • I never give/collect biz cards at conferences except ppl who interest ME; I tell others to find me on @linkedin. #smallbizchat #
  • +1 RT @ambassadorbruny: A8: I say start with your appearance. Always dress a little bit better than what is "necessary". #smallbizchat #
  • @BizFinanceForum Slideshare doesn't have you to explain the prez so more text needed; live, I don't want 2 read ur prez, it's just a viz aid #
  • A10: Ppl want 2 b associated with ppl they can trust and following up is one initial way to test you. So ace the test! #smallbizchat #
  • +1 RT @SmallBizLady: Special thanks to business development expert Mike Bruny @ambassadorbrunyhttp://t.co/tP9aVQfZ #smallbizchat #
  • We help you put strategy into your business marketing and operations on the Web…and beyond. http://www.w3cinc.com #smallbizchat #
  • @BizFinanceForum I can send a sample of a presentation that recently impressed me for "live" that wouldn't work on @slideshare. DM me IUP. #
  • @gogirlfinance oh yes. I've seen poorly done slides both online and offline my entire speaking career…some have been my own! 😛 #
  • @BarryBirkett @smallbizlady Check this out on AMZN: How to Get Your Point Across in 30 Sec or Less http://t.co/qqYNnsmu #smallbizchat #
  • RT @mediabistro: Match.com is hiring a Manager of Network Relations in New York. Details: http://t.co/vUrBWkf5 #paid #
  • RT @innov8rs: Congrats to #tcdisrupt winner Shaker! [Didn't win?] Make your pitch for $100k @ Startup ELEV8r http://ow.ly/6vwiv #tcdisrupt #
  • Text ANY local biz as easily as u text ur friends & @talktoapp ensures u get a text back! Request invite: http://t.co/bIkHP09b #
  • Have a #socialmedia, #technology or #management question? DM or email and we'll post an answer! #
  • @smbchat @smallbiztrends @ramonray When's the next #smbchat I'd like to get it on the calendar. Thanks! #
  • RE: @w3consulting Hot on @BizSugar: How Groupon can Hurt Your Online Reputation http://t.co/xVG6FOAZ via @smallbiztre… http://t.co/ykFmSbnK #
Twitter Weekly Updates for 2011-09-19
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