• Joining @HBRexchange's tweetchat now! We're Web/digital strategists for headed by @rsidneysmith (strategist & presenter) #hbrchat #
  • RT @HBRexchange: Well be discussing customer data collection and engagement. Details: http://t.co/Yr9Z8uNU #hbrchat #
  • RT @HBRexchange: Q1: How do you feel about sharing personal data online? What wont you provide? #hbrchat #
  • A1a: I'm likely to provide more on the Web than most people, but I believe in sharing with the right communities of people. #hbrchat #
  • A1b: I don't like to share things that are associated with my security, like DOB, SSN, EIN (of company), mother's maiden name, etc. #hbrchat #
  • RT @JimMarous: @w3consulting Would you do the sharing with social sign-in if there was value and you perceived security? #hbrchat #
  • Social signin only works 4 me if ability to manage multiple identities & keeps separate silos. See: http://t.co/9d5lFIDU #hbrchat #
  • RT @kbhazen: @w3consulting Good point…people dont realize HOW MUCH they have told Facebook! #hbrchat #
  • Ur not alone! RT @jmass: 3rd party auth, like that Ive granted TweetChat to participate here today is a concern. I dont read UAs. #hbrchat #
  • I hope everyone understands that each social service that you signin with has different information; choose wisely. #hbrchat #
  • RT @kbhazen: The entire Facebook sign-in on online communities …will only custom communications even more! Scary, but cool! #hbrchat #
  • RT @HBRexchange: Q2: Do you wish you could decide what data to share in exchange for things? #hbrchat #
  • A2a: I think there's already an understanding of the bilateral agreement when you give data for the service you join, no? #hbrchat #
  • A2b: If a website asked me to give away more personal information in exchange for my data, it would be like opinion survey sites? #hbrchat #
  • A2c: Whatever website would offer, it'd have to be passive collection o/w my time is worth more than actively giving data. #hbrchat #
  • I'm not so concerned about the known data collection; I'm more concerned about loss, manipulation and theft of data from sites. #hbrchat #
  • RT @Marcio_Saito: To a certain degree, living a transparent life reduce the personal need for privacy. Agree? #hbrchat #
  • RT @jgombita: @berkson0 @Marcio_Saito disagree. Transparency >related to ethics/honesty. Privacy…finances and health. #hbrchat #
  • I wonder how many people would be comfortable with biometric, encrypted keys (even subcutaneous implants!) for identification. #hbrchat #
  • RT @HBRexchange: Q3: What would make you provide personal data more freely? #hbrchat #
  • A3: I own my data (and can sue for its return/deletion), and quantum computing at a stage where cryptanalysis is impossible. 😉 #hbrchat #
  • +1 RT @fredmcclimans: @w3consulting Cant wait for the day that personal quantum crypto is available… #hbrchat #
  • RT @ValaAfshar: The key is demonstrating the ROI – return on information. The more understanding, the more collaboration. #hbrchat #
  • On @valaafshar's point, if you told me the data would save my child's life, the value is priceless to me. #hbrchat #
  • I'd like a mechanism built into Facebook to question app developer. "Why do you need my X?" cc @sanchezjb @iamericarr #hbrchat #
  • Signing out of the tweetchat! Thanks, all! // @HBRexchange: For the rest of HBRs Audacious Ideas, check out http://t.co/rSfxsHB4 #hbrchat #
  • RT @hbrexchange: @w3consulting @JimMarous We've quoted you on our #HBRchat Highlights page – thanks for joining in! http://t.co/NbTxp011 #
  • #FF 4 great #hbrchat this week: @vveerrgg @sanchezjb @iamericarr @creativesage @danagleeson @jgombita @fredmcclimans @valaafshar @kbhazen #
  • Did you know? "On average, more than 250 million photos are uploaded per day." via @facebook #
  • "A genuine leader is not a search for consensus but a molder…."~MLK | Happy Martin Luther King, Jr. Day! #HappyMLKDay #
  • I just left a comment in "3 Tips to Use QR Codes For Information, Not Destination" http://t.co/IuHM7Lw4 #
@W3Consulting Tweets for 2012-01-16
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