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Project management is about making sure that a goal is reached. What a “goal” and what the outcome is typically handed to a project manager, yet that’s not really the case with Small Business. As a business owner, you have to decide on what your business’ goal is and when you have reached the outcome. And, for most of business owners, you weren’t trained as project managers before you started your businesses. Thankfully, with a little training and some great Web technology available, you can become a decent project manager so that you can get more done in your business and handle more work than you thought you could–with calm and a stress-free perspective! In this hour-long Web presentation, we walk you through the basics of project management on the Web and then discuss several tools that you can use to better manage business- and client-based projects of any kind.

This archived Webinar recording, as part of the Beyond Google: Marketing and Managing on the Web series from Virginia SBDC, was presented by Ray Sidney-Smith, Web & Mobile Strategist, author of SoLoMo Success: Social Media, Local and Web Small Business Marketing Strategy Explained, and President of W3 Consulting, a digital business strategy and training firm helping business owners learn why and how to use Web, mobile and digital technologies for greater marketing and management impact.

Who should watch?

  • Small business owners, entrepreneurs, micropreneurs, and solopreneurs
  • Office/sales/customer service managers, marketing directors, executives and professionals
  • Administrative/executive assistants and sales/account representatives
  • nonprofit executive directors and board members
Project Management on the Web [Webinar]

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