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The Best Marketing for Your Handmade Business:
Taking Your Craft Business to the Web

Here’s the handout for this Webinar:

You have a passion. It’s your craft. And, now, you want to take it to market! But, you don’t know how to market your handicrafts on the Web. There are so many options and each seems like you need a masterclass just to get started.

We are going to demystify the process of taking your crafted goods and making them available for sale online. We’ll discuss the pro’s and con’s of using Amazon, Etsy, eBay, and other platforms, and resources to get started.

In this Webinar, we will cover:
– How to develop a marketing strategy for custom-made handcrafted goods on the Web today;
– What are the platforms and tools you can use to get your products to market; and,
– Further resources to learn how to use these platforms and tools so that getting your products to market isn’t daunting. Some of it is time-consuming, but with the right help from technology, you can do it!

These Webinars are hosted by the Virginia Small Business Development Center Network – – and presented by Ray Sidney-Smith, Author of “SoLoMo Success” (available on Amazon Kindle and paperback), Digital Marketing Strategist, and Managing Director of W3C Web Services, providing affordable Web hosting, Managed WordPress, email, domain and other related services for Small Business – With the transfer of your business’ domain, WordPress *and* email hosting services, get a complimentary 1-hour Web, Mobile & Social Media marketing strategy session. Visit to request full details and to get started!

The Best Marketing for Your Handmade Business | Google and Beyond Webinar Series Archive
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