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007 – Business Case for Podcasting – Steve Orr – Web and BeyondCast

Hello there, Small Business owners, entrepreneurs, and community! Welcome to Season 1, Episode 007, of Web and BeyondCast.

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On this episode, we are going to be discussing a topic near and dear to my heart, and a little bit meta, podcasting for Small Business; more specifically, the business case for podcasting. And, more importantly, why should you start a podcast for your business? And, to do that, I’m letting the cat out of the bag here with my co-author of our forthcoming book, Podcasting for Small Business, Steve Orr.

Steve Orr, an award-winning radio broadcast journalist, is the founder of Steve Orr Media, which helps clients create and produce podcasts, as well as become more effective speakers.

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007 – Business Case for Podcasting (with Steve Orr) – Web and BeyondCast
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