Making Green ($) by Going Green on the Web from Ray Sidney-Smith on Vimeo.

Streamlining on the Web can decrease costs, increase revenue, enhance your marketing efforts and brand, be community-spirited, motivate your employees, AND help the environment altogether. In this workshop, W3 Workshops is going to show you how. There’s no time like the present to creating a better bottom line by doing good.

What you will learn:
*How small businesses can achieve great rewards like big corporate giants through “green” initiatives.
*What the small business trends are in sustainable “green” business best practices (a/k/a green business, eco-friendly business, natural capitalism, eco-capitalism and the list goes on).
*Why you want to green your business.
*What Green Performance Objectives are.
*What steps do you take to implement your green programs/initiatives.
*Avoiding pitfalls, like “greenwashing” and substandard green practices.
*How to reap your green ($) rewards from your green efforts.

Who will benefit:
*Small business owners, entrepreneurs, micropreneurs, solopreneurs
*Executive assistants
*Office managers, Human Resources professionals
*Administrative assistants, Secretaries
*IT staff

Making Green by Going Green on the Web [webinar]

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