SoLoMo SuccessWe’re excited to announce that Ray Sidney-Smith has published his first book, SoLoMo Success: Social Media, Local and Mobile Small Business Marketing Strategy Explained! Available now on Amazon Kindle and Barnes & Noble Nook, along with paperback and audiobook versions due out in late summer 2014! Ray will be using this first ebook to test some approaches to digital publishing, by providing updates to the book for the next year so stay tuned to our Google+ page as we announce new versions that you should be able to update in your eBook readers! *Also, for today only, the Amazon Kindle book is available for $8.99 (USD)! Download a copy today!

For the Small Business owner trying to succeed in the world of Social Media (So), Local Web (Lo) and Mobile (Mo) marketing, Web & Mobile Strategist Ray Sidney-Smith provides a practical strategy guide to pave the path to SoLoMo Success!

Social Media is on the tips of everyone’s tongues these days when it comes to discussions about marketing. But, Social Media is not just about marketing, and how do you convert social engagement to sales? For many veteran and newly-minted businesses, Social Media is a mystery even after they have mastered the technical components of Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+, among many others. Ray thinks people have the wrong paradigm when it comes to Social Media. Small Business owners are attacking their target audience from only one angle. This is where Social Media community engagement, local search optimization and mobile marketing come into play!

Through concise chapters, SoLoMo Success takes Small Business entrepreneurs from no Web marketing experience to launching a locally-optimized website, interacting successfully on Social Media, and developing a “think mobile first” strategy for profitably impacting the bottom line. Ray even takes you on a little futuristic journey of what’s to come in the world of Small Business marketing technology.

If you want to target your customers where and when they want or need your product or service, look no further than SoLoMo Success.

SoLoMo Success (eBook) launches!

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