12 Days of Small Business: Mellenie Runion, Truly-Life Eco-Friendly Skin Care

Small Business has its challenges, especially in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic. So, we all have to do our part to support each other and the small businesses with which we are connected. So, W3 Consulting is promoting small businesses through our campaign, 12 Days of Small Business. We hope to highlight each day a small business (or two) that can benefit from visibility and that will benefit our audience. With that, here is our first small but mighty business.

I was first introduced to Mellenie Runion through her active role in the Alexandria small business retail community, running her eco-friendly products business. She’s always willing to learn new things and work with others. She knows that “a rising tide lifts all boats” and I’m grateful to her for her leadership in the Alexandria small business community, communicating that attitude of camaraderie.

If you’re looking for a holiday gift for someone (including your clients!) that wants safe products to use and won’t harm the planet, check out Truly-Life.

About Mellenie Runion

Mellenie Runion started making soap in her kitchen as a way to live more green. The handmade soaps became party favors for her dog Max’s birthday. The handmade soaps were a big hit and a business was born.

About Truly-Life Eco-Friendly Skin Care

How is your Small Business unique, different in your industry? What’s your business’s greatest strength/asset today?

Skin care made with simple quality ingredients packaged responsibly. Person that wants safe products to use and won’t harm the planet.

Growing many ingredients in our garden, not using chemicals and not using plastics for packaging.

What is your greatest challenge as a Small Business owner? How are you working to overcome that challenge in 2021?

Trying to provide affordable, healthy products that are handmade. There are thousands of reasons why cancer is so high, including what we place on our body every day. We continue to educate people on making better decisions when it comes to the health of their skin.

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Mellenie Runion, Truly-Life Eco-Friendly Skin Care and Garden Gifts

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