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12 Days of Small Business: J. T. Compeau, The Content Interpreter LLC

Small Business has its challenges, especially in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic. So, we all have to do our part to support each other and the small businesses with which we are connected. So, W3 Consulting is promoting small businesses through our campaign, 12 Days of Small Business. We hope to highlight each day a small business (or two) that can benefit from visibility and that will benefit our audience.

After connecting on the social networking app, Shapr, JT and I have stayed in touch, and I’ve paid attention to his work on YouTube channel and Twitter account for his presentation skills tips. Learn more about J. T. and connect with him via his social profiles.

About J. T. Compeau

J. T. Compeau is the founder of The Content Interpreter LLC. Using a three-step process that incorporates becoming the expert in his client’s stories, identifying insights and takeaways, and comprehensive writing and editing, J. T. works with thought leaders, C-suite members and entrepreneurs to extract their greatness and share it with audiences for their speeches, talks and presentations.

His ideal client is someone in the three demographic groups he mentioned above who recognizes the value in storytelling in today’s business world.

About The Content Interpreter

How is your Small Business unique, different in your industry? What’s your business’s greatest strength/asset today?

My business’ unique quality and greatest strength is that I bring 10+ years of experience in marketing and consumer insights to the speechwriting process. I have a unique talent for reviewing content with curiosity and being able to translate it into accessible insights for audiences.

What is your greatest challenge as a Small Business owner? How are you working to overcome that challenge in 2021?

My greatest business challenge is generating a continuous flow of high-ticket engagements. I plan on increasing my marketing as well as speaking to professional development groups.

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J.T. Compeau, The Content Interpreter

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