12 Days of Small Business: Sharon Sobel, Picture This Video

Small Business has its challenges, especially in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic. So, we all have to do our part to support each other and the small businesses with which we are connected. So, W3 Consulting is promoting small businesses through our campaign, 12 Days of Small Business. We hope to highlight each day a small business (or two) that can benefit from visibility and that will benefit our audience.

I have known Sharon Sobel for nearly two decades through attending and facilitating the Small Business Development Roundtable at the Alexandria Small Business Development Center. She always comes prepared, and engages in tackling issues that really help everyone come together to find solutions. She embraces technology and isn’t afraid to ask. I’m so glad to be able to highlight Sharon and Picture This Video during this 12 Days of Small Business.

About Sharon Sobel

Sharon Sobel has been in business since 1997, where she started with freelance services and personal events. In 2003, the business grew to a full-time endeavor, focusing on serving the business community. The skills and contacts acquired over the years have allowed Picture This Video to grow beyond just freelance services to the company it is today: a company offering freelance services, complete script-to-screen production and video marketing strategy and consultation. Picture This Video can work with clients on a year-long content and project calendar on a retainer model to keep video production efforts in line with anticipated cash flow.

About Picture This Video

How is your Small Business unique, different in your industry? What’s your business’s greatest strength/asset today?

My small business is different or unique in that I have a wide background of production abilities combined with keeping my ear to the ground on ways that businesses can best utilize video on a daily basis. I strive to help businesses succeed through the power of video. Today, my business’s greatest strength/asset is that I am a video producer that also has webcasting skills, so I can see the big picture in producing a virtual event, rather than coming to the table with just the tools, but no blueprint to design or follow.

What is your greatest challenge as a Small Business owner? How are you working to overcome that challenge in 2021?

My greatest challenge as a small business owner is cash flow, and I want to find a way to create monthly recurring revenue, specifically through my video production services. I am continuing to network and build my reputation, and in 2021 I will explore larger networking opportunities that allow me to meet larger organizations that are too small to hire a full-time video person, but have the desire and capacity to produce video content more regularly.

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Sharon Sobel, Picture This Video

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