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12 Days of Small Business: Steve Renard, Crowned Fox Adventures

Small Business has its challenges, especially in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic. So, we all have to do our part to support each other and the small businesses with which we are connected. So, W3 Consulting is promoting small businesses through our campaign, 12 Days of Small Business. We hope to highlight each day a small business (or two) that can benefit from visibility and that will benefit our audience.

I was introduced to Steve Renard of Crowned Fox Adventures (by Sharon Sobel of Picture This Video), and I’m so glad I did! I keep talking to my Small Business audiences about the important of digital marketing, and so much of that is now moving toward multimedia. But, so many business owners (perhaps you?) are not comfortable or skilled with being in front of the camera. Learn more about Steve Renard and if you need help with being on camera, reach out and get ready for the next phase of digital marketing.

About Steve Renard

Steve Renard started Crowned Fox Adventures in 2019 after almost 20 years as a corporate video and producer. He works with business owners and leaders to help them connect with audiences on camera.

About Crowned Fox Adventures

Crowned Fox Adventures works with business owners and leaders to help them gain confidence in front of a camera. We work on the mindset, content, and technology factors that help people connect with audiences powerfully and authentically. My ideal client is a business owner or leader who knows they need to be more visible, but they’re not sure how to do it or they’re reluctant to get in front of a camera to achieve their goals.

How is your Small Business unique, different in your industry? What’s your business’s greatest strength/asset today?

Unlike other presence and speaking coaches, I work with people on an inside-out basis – focusing on the mindset and psychology first, and letting external factors like filler words, gestures, and posture sort themselves out to a large degree.

What is your greatest challenge as a Small Business owner? How are you working to overcome that challenge in 2021?

My greatest challenge since starting my business has been making sure that I myself am visible enough and that my marketing is working the way I want it to be. I started my business in 2019 thinking I knew a little about marketing already, and quickly discovered I had a very steep learning curve. I am improving, but not where I want to be yet. In 2021, I’m going to continue to push for more visibility to draw people in, and refine my sales process to make sure I’m converting the right people into clients.

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Steve Renard, Crowned Fox Adventures

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