12 Days of Small Business: Gresham Harkless, Blue 16 Media

Small Business has its challenges, especially in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic. So, we all have to do our part to support each other and the small businesses with which we are connected. So, W3 Consulting is promoting small businesses through our campaign, 12 Days of Small Business. We hope to highlight each day a small business (or two) that can benefit from visibility and that will benefit our audience.

From Gresham Harkless’s daily podcast interviewing successful CEO’s of companies of all shapes and sizes to his tireless dedication to growing his own business, I think of Gresham as an engine of efficiency and effectiveness! You can’t go wrong with knowing Gresh, so I hope you get to know him.

About Gresham Harkless

Gresham “Gresh” W. Harkless Jr. is the founder of CBNation and Blue 16 Media. CBNation is a Business to Business (B2B) Brand focusing on increasing the business success rate by providing visibility and resources for CEOs, entrepreneurs and business owners. 

Gresh provides digital marketing services–web design and SEO services to entrepreneurs and business owners who know enough to be “dangerous.” His ideal client is 40 years old, married and active in his/her community. They are aware and knowledgeable about digital marketing and like to work with someone that is high touch and available to provide the services but also insight into how they can increase their visibility. He/she has a team of people and has been in business over three years and has had less-than-ideal experience with digital marketers in the past. 

About Blue 16 Media

How is your Small Business unique, different in your industry? What’s your business’s greatest strength/asset today?

My philosophy is being about being A Media Company and helping entrepreneurs and business owners approach their marketing as if they are media businesses. Through CBNation–it’s brand with resources including podcast, videos and blogs to help entrepreneurs and business owners succeed.  

What is your greatest challenge as a Small Business owner? How are you working to overcome that challenge in 2021?

Focus is always something I work to overcome. I think I can quickly come up with ideas and options but it’s not trying to work on new things but continually approve what I’m doing. I’m also potentially niching down to provide digital marketing services for the legal industry. 

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Gresham Harkless, Blue 16 Media

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